Gentle Euthanasia

What happens when a pet is put to sleep?

With our gentle euthanasia in your own home Dr Katie will talk you through every step and do everything possible to reduce the stress and your pet.

Here is a step by step guide of the process which may help remove some of the worry. It will follow this general plan:

  • Paperwork

  • Sedation

  • Saying goodbye

  • Final injection

  • Cremation or burial

Firstly Katie will discuss if euthanasia is the right thing for your pet. This may have been an ongoing discussion for a few weeks or months as your pet’s condition deteriorated. Or it could be a sudden change which means a decision has to be made quickly. Either way you need to be sure that it is the right time to say goodbye. But remember it is much better a week early, than a day too late. You never want to see your beloved companion suffer.

Then there is paperwork to complete. You must sign to give consent for the procedure and associated costs. Dr Katie will talk through all of the options including burying your pet at home and having them cremated. When having them cremated Dr Katie will take your pet away with her to go to the crematorium. You can have them individually cremated where you will receive your pet’s ashes returned to you. There are a range of caskets to chose from and prices range from £100-£180 depending on the size of your pet and casket. The other option is communal cremation, this is cheaper but you will not receive your pet’s ashes.

Many people chose to settle the bill before the euthanasia takes place so that you don’t have to sort anything after saying goodbye.

Dr Katie will usually sedate your pet prior to the final injection. Sedation is from a small injection under your pet’s skin, this will let them fall asleep calmly and can carry on having lots of fuss and cuddles with you. This removes all the stress from your pet, we never want them to be worried, but especially in their last moments. It can take up to 20 minutes for them to fall into a very deep sleep, this is lovely time to spend with them saying your final goodbyes. Some people like to talk about their favourite memories, others wish to be alone with their pet at this point, Dr Katie can wait elsewhere to give your privacy if you wish during this time.

Once your pet is asleep they may still be able to hear you and gain comfort from your voice but they won’t be worried by the rest of the procedure. Dr Katie will shave some fur from their leg to gain access to a vein. At this point some people wish to leave the room but you are always welcome to be present if you wish, you can be fussing and cuddling your pet as they go. She will then inject them with an overdose of anaesthetic and they will usually be gone by the time she finishes injecting. This is non-painful and a very peaceful end for your pet. Once they have gone sometimes the body can respond by taking a few big breaths, this is not your pet, just a normal bodily response. But it can be shocking to see.

Sometimes the body can respond by releasing bowels and bladder. Please be prepared for this when thinking about where you would like to say goodbye to your pet.

If you chose to have your pet cremated Dr Katie will take them away with her for the crematorium. This involves moving your pet and placing them into a suitable container for transport. Your pet’s body will always be treated with the same love and respect we do with our own pets.

For those who have requested to have ashes returned to them Green Pastures Crematorium will contact you directly to discuss delivery to your home.

We truly understand how difficult this time is, having unfortunately had to put pets of our own to sleep at home. It is never going to be an easy time but by having everything done at home we can make it at least a little less stressful for you and your pet.

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